Lyon - panoramic view


‘Lyon - panoramic view’ has been challenged. The challenger asserts that this is not a “real” POI…but what is a “real” POI anyways? A government-recognized establishment with a business license or other official recognition?

If so, what’s the point in having a community-curated map in the first place? If the difference between the FOAM TCR and Google Maps is that FOAM is open and community-managed, why can’t we allow points that suggest other map-users visit there?

I remember back when Google Earth used to allow users to plot points on their map. That info was the most interesting. There were all sorts of fun points plotting strange things like Area 51, nuclear missile silos, planes in mid-flight, sunken ships that only certain people knew about etc.

Think twice before you challenge or vote against the next POI like this. Are these standards that will really make this thing special?

‘Lyon - panoramic view’ looks like a spot with a nice panoramic view that I might want to check out.

Cool clouds challenge

This challenge is originating from: 0x2f4a51087ac73d68b22e7efad8bfc492611004fe, which is the same challenger for:

[The Regent’s Park] ( - 27,200 tokens

Make Way For Ducklngs - 2,000 tokens

Montenvers _ glacier valley - 1,510 tokens

Sports Castle - 1,500 tokens

Bongeunsa Temple - 1,200 tokens

The Nut - 1,123 tokens


Hey @nameloceroom I added panoramic view to the list here: Assessment of Current Challenges 4/30

I am not sure about montenvers _ glacier valley. It’s from the malicious challenger, but agree formatting seems weird.

Bongeunsa temple, the nut, regents park, and make way for ducklings are all on the list as well.


And their tokens came from 0xBe2EC7C367CA33560a33C666999b46F876C8fc08 one of the top challengers, with many accounts.