Map appears black in Chrome, Brave


Map appears black in Chrome and Brave. Graphic acceleration is off. Map works fine in Safari!, Firefox. Macbook late 11


Do you mean no POIs? I have a similar problem. I have to look at the map on android to make sure there are no POIs where I’m putting one. They’ve told me previous it should be fixed with an update, but nothing’s changed.



Hey @Germansheyn and @Jacob are you running the latest version of Chrome? Updating it to the latest version should solve the issue and/or clearing cookies.

Otherwise, can you send an email into with your browser and operating system version?
Thank you!


I mailed support with some screenshots - there seems to be a problem with Metamask integration. Actually this is a real shame - I was demo’ing this to a geospatial VIP and these sorts of failure knock the confidence in this tech. Blown opportunity guys.


Hi snodnipper, sorry to hear you are having an issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible to the email you sent.

However, can you elaborate on what you mean that there is a problem with Metamask integration? From our end it is working and may be an issue with your Metamask or your browser set up. Have you tried resetting your Metamask account? Happy to help if you can provide more information on the problem


I had same issue. I could solve the issue by enabling Override software rendering list on chrome://flags.