Migrate app looking for devs


migrate%20artwork|280x500 My name is Jimmy Dorsey from Migrate. We are interested in integrating foam into our new Real Estate App here on the West Coast. Migrate™ displays a new topographical social search of communities as the neighbors and potential buyers choose where they want to live and whom they want to live by. Essentially we are building the Tinder for Neighbors. I am looking for blockchain devs who are interested in building the platform using Evernym and FOAM. The existing app we are building upon is JDRE on ios and android. “Five Star Service for a monthly Realtor® subscription of $399. Net more and sell faster using the Migrate™ Network of Realtors®”



Take a look at Gitcoin. You need a developer that is experienced with your Front End toolstack (React etc), and APIs. Here is an article on their process.

The FOAM documentation is here.