Native trust, value exchange and payment


I believe there will be a need of native trust, value exchange and payment solutions for future platforms. The concept from FOAM, the future of proof of location has deep and interesting signals related to this issue.

For sure only FOAM don’t have to build the future of proof of X if it is even possible. What if FOAM will build a solution for others to build the future of proof of Xs and help the main value to scale and be adopted by people faster? The main value here is the sum of decentralization, native trust and value exchange.

Don’t expect I know much on this topic, but I know enough to ask a question like this.



FOAM is bringing spatial tools and location standards to blockchain and smart contract technology. As an open source protocol any applications in the blockchain ecosystem can hook into and build on top of. So yes we are building tools/solutions for anyone to build on top of FOAM! :smiley:

Have you checked out the FOAM developer portal?


Thank you Daryl.

Not yet, but will read articles to know more this weekend. There will be a time when I will have a startup build on top of FOAM. Too ambitious but fewer than the future of proof of locations was at first.

All the best.