New Challenges all over the World - decided - Reveals pending!


500 - Hotel Martinez
Wrong address, TAG Residential missing At the given address is a restaurant in another building. The correct address of the hotel is: 73 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France The address can be seen on the homepage:ôtel%20Martinez&checkinDate=2019-06-23&checkoutDate=2019-06-24&rooms=1&adults=1&kids=0&rate=Standard

2200 - Crepes on Cole
Wrong address The given address belongs to another building. The correct address is: 100 Carl St., San Francisco, CA 94117. On the homepage which is also missing this is to be found:

500 - Istanbul Modern Museum
Wrong position, TAG art missing. Address correct, but it is located together with the museum very far away from this POI.

500 - Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration
The correct address is Ellis Island. The Waterfront Walkway extends over a vast area of ​​the river but not over the island. So not suitable as an address. Especially because it has no house numbers.

500 - USS Interpid
Wrong address, The given address is about three blocks away from the POI. The correct address is Pier 86, W 46th St and 12th Ave, New York. The address can be found on the homepage:

100 - Place des Voges
Wrong Address The park can not be number 14. The number 14 belongs to a building in which a synagogue is located. The park has the address Place Des Vosges. The city has a side for the park, also with the right address:

100 - Zagreb Airport
Wrong Address The correct address is: Rudolf Fizira street 21 10 410 Velika Gorica, a self-governing district and not in Zagreb. To find on the homepage:


These are your challenges?

These are good finds. In all cases besides the Istanbul Modern Museum, there is an issue with the address due to cartographers using the address that mapbox pre-loads into the address field. There have been many issues so far with the addresses as suggested by mapbox.

It seems like a big takeaway from these challenges and challenges in general since the launch of the map is that cartographers should not trust mapbox addresses, and should verify addresses on their own before staking POIs.


Elvo, add a 3box profile!

1000 times this.

My own feelings on the addresses shifted. First, I thought it was a critical bug in the FOAM UI that needed resolution. Now I believe there is a much deeper issue accurately decoding information from lat/long coordinates. It would be great to see the work of verifiers somehow address this challenge.

09.07. Challanges - decided and finished

Thanks for the post, I’m glad.
I also noticed the error creating the POIs and unfortunately it happens often. Therefore, a review is recommended. Here, however, it seems that the creator was somewhat careless in the search. There is no address proposed in this place when trying to create a POI.


Thank you for the appreciation of the work. I will give my best.
Ok, got my 3box. Nice tool thank you


The challenges are decided and the POIs have been renewed. I thank the voters for their time. Some Reveals are missing. Please check this so that you get your tokens.