New Tags: Residential, Education, Transportation, Religion, Government – FOAM Map



The FOAM Map will have 5 new tags to choose from when adding points of interest (POI).
The addition will be visible to all users, starting Wednesday October 17th.

The new tags are:

  • Residential
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Religion
  • Government

We recommend users that fear potential challenges of POI’s associated with these new tags to withdraw their tokens from these specific POI’s before Wednesday. After the change is implemented, users can recreate the same POI’s with new tags.

The choice of these tags has been heavily influenced by the discussion and poll in the discourse thread about tag addition while trying to create as little room for conflicting tags/challenges as possible.

We see this as the first of many iterations directly influenced by community participation!

Reply with 2 POI tags you want added to the map app - **NOW WITH POLL**
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Is there anyway to edit current verified or pending POI’s (to add the new category) without withdrawing tokens?


It’s my understanding that there is no edit function at this stage Mark. It requires a full withdrawal and a re-build of each POI you are concerned about.


Okay so the recommendation to withdraw POI tokens are only for those who fear potential challenges. If we do not fear a potential challenge then we can hope that sometime in the near future I can edit my current POI’s and add the appropriate tag.

I do want my POI’s to be accurate but withdrawing all of them before Wednesday seems to be a hassle when I can just wait on an unknown timeframe for an editing function within the TCR contract.


Yeah. That’s kind of how I see it too.


Great news on the new tags.

Small consideration: this is a potentially disruptive change that affects very active and loyal cartographers the most. I do not have enough points that this has a big impact on me, but there are super active cartographers who might otherwise miss the repercussions given the title and notice period.


Thanks Caleb, I’ve just posted reminders on Reddit and all the community Telegram groups!


Edit function is prop. as important as the new tagging options… Would also love to see aconcept to collaborate on POI description / info.


I think allowing challenged based on new tags is unfair. Needs to be better system. So as an early adopter I did the right thing and added POIs. Then later someone challenges based on new tag being more correct. They get my tokens. Or I have to spend more gas to keep my POIs up to date. Zero incentive for me to add places. Infact I am being punished by having to spend extra gas to update them. Until we have fair rules or something more interest like beacons … I am out.


You don’t have to remove your POIs, if you don’t want to. We can’t promise they won’t be challenged however, since the FOAM Map is a decentralized Map, Cartographers are free to challenge POIs that they deem incorrect.

Understanding that some users may be afraid of their POIs getting challenged, we had a gap in between implementation of the new tags, in order for users to have enough time to create discussions on community channels or threads on Discourse if they were wrongfully challenged and defend their points

We’ll be coming up with several campaigns like contests, bounties, and mapathon events later on, to test out incentives models and find out which works in building up the map.