New York Blockchain Week with FOAM


The New York Blockchain Week with FOAM

ETH NewYork will be taking place at FOAM’s Brooklyn Headquarters, located at New Lab on May 16th-19th.

ETH NewYork will be bringing together the top minds and experts in Ethereum for ETHGlobal’s first hackathon in New York City. Developers, advisers, industry experts, and 500+ Ethereum hackers, will be making the infrastructure and applications to power Open Finance and the new decentralized web.

We want to take this opportunity to meet as many developer teams on location at New Lab as possible. Sign up for a personal meeting during our open office in the form below, and stay tuned for more announcements about participating in ETH NewYork with FOAM.

Sign up for FOAM Open Office - ETH New York here

Token Summit, the first conference to explore in-depth the Token-Based Economy , will be featuring FOAM, May 16th to discuss Decentralized Products Taking on Centralized Incumbents.

The panel will include FOAM’s CEO & Co-Founder, Ryan John King, as well as Justin Hunter (Graphite), Brian Hoffman (OB1), Ted Livingston (Kin), and moderated by William Mougayar.

The panel will address what value propositions does FOAM present users with, what’s driving decentralized projects, and how might a company like FOAM win against incumbents?

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FOAM will also be featured at this year’s Ethereal Summit, New York ( described as the “SXSW of blockchain”) . FOAM will be speaking at 5:00 PM EST on May 10th , on the State of NFTs 2019 .

The discussion will focus on how NFTs may be the Trojan horse for encouraging more consumers to interact with blockchain (whether through art, games, collectibles, or FOAM badges)!

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Additionally, Foamspace is sponsoring this event. We will be on site providing, talks, API developer workshops and an API developer Prize for the hackathon. There have been many fantastic ideas proposed so far that participants want to build, such as prediction markets on challenge outcomes and review layers for points. Please reach out if you plan on participating and want to share your idea or need assistance with the API.

We will also be demoing for the first time at the event progress on the FOAM Plasma chain, time sync and radio usage.


Join us for a talk on the future of blockchain gaming, FOAM will be presenting on the future of location based games. :video_game:

Blockchain and crypto have ushered in an entirely new era for video games, inspiring a paradigm shift from the walled-gardens of triple AAA titles to a decentralized universe where the concept of true item ownership lies at the core. Players now have the opportunity to interact with gameworlds like never before - and this is only the beginning…

Join us for a night of food, drinks & presentations from some of the top teams in the space building out this new universe. We’ll also have a panel moderated by DCG’s VP of Investments, Travis Scher, leads the night.


We are sponsoring ETHNewYork and just published our “Ideas, Prizes, & Resources for Developers” blog! There will be API Workshops, Talks, Demos and 45,000 FOAM available for prizes. :chains::chains::chains:

See you this weekend @ NewLab for an extremely exciting event! Read more here:

Our talk > “Learnings from FOAM Location Developer Stack” will be on Saturday afternoon at 15:30-15:55 going over FOAM tools, the FOAM Map activity and a special update on work on Proof of Location, hardware and plasma :dizzy: