NOde Waste Hackathon participation in Los Angeles


Hello Foam Community

this is Mario with NOdewaste / Supercompute

There is a remote Hackathon taking place very soon. I will be entering NOde waste at this hack. we currently have a demo that showcases what nodewaste does but does not showcase how. A sucessful hackathon here will do just that. given the community we have established, thus far and adding the crypto community to this solution greatness is possible.

Foam is a very important piece of the node waste project. Nodewaste will utilize almost every current feature foam offers. in this early phase while building out our POC this is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow for those interested. We are based in Los Angeles and will have a few meetups shortly

as a blockchain startup we actually use a few crypto projects to round out our business model. for example

it would be very nice to have the support of the foam community. we have a great deal of documentation and research to answer any of your questions.


Hi @Oramiii thanks for sharing! Where can we find more text on the proposal and concept of Node waste? Would be good to share in this thread so the community can understand what you are planning to build.


following the hackathon is the next best place to the github page.
for the most recent information
here is a bit more background about the team

here is the gitcoin hack github link


Hi Mario thank you for sharing your project it is very exciting and you definitely have my support. Can you share a bit more of how you are using foam? It is a bit difficult to tell from the GitHub. Happy to help in any way.


yes i can.

Node waste is an IOT zero waste solution. Using foam we will create campaigns. These campaigns are essentially foam points of interest. these campaigns will cover a given area. users in this coverage area receive reward for gathering all spent materials and sort them into their proper color recovery bag.
Once sorted they are sent to the proper facility to be repurposed into new material and sold or sold as storage contracts.


Thank you for reaching out. I like this gitcoin platform for a foam hackathon. just to put that out there.

that said with this hack thus far, it is going well. we should have a more crypto facing demo before the end of this competition.