Non-fungible tokens in FOAM


Fascinated to hear community and team thoughts about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within FOAM.

  • Signals as NFTs
  • POIs as NFTs
  • Future support for NFTs
  • TCRs of NFTs


POIs as NFTs is something that would work really well with a games in the style of Pokemon Go. Generally, exploring gamification of the FOAM Map experience is something that could be done more and is something we want to encourage.

The OSM community has done some work on that front, but NFTs would be a great addition:

Looking forward to hearing feedback from the community.


Of course Pokemon Go is not the only model that could be used:


Is it currently possible to transfer edit rights to a POI in the registry?


Here is my take on NFT in FOAM:
[Vision] non-fungible tokens could be really anything, but just to sum up some of my random thoughts:

  • Proof of Ownership - some kind of certificate linked to the physical world to legitimate ownership of a place / area
  • Gamification of Monuments & Architecture/Arts: as the announced FOAM ‘Mapathons’ there could be tons of similar events where educational organizations or governance could put ‘‘hidden’’ secrets in the FOAM map, the first to unlock the mistery (a trick, a cryptic passphrase etc…) the winner gain a NFT specifically forged for the occasion. This lead to various direction: who validate those NFT? it’s something that run outside FOAM protocol and pick just POI to validate? Or FOAM should also produce NFT tokens? Should a POI owner produce NFT forged for the specific POI? Maybe like souvenirs :slight_smile:
  • BlockCities / Pokemon Go cases: well this is there, alive and very specific
  • NFT as user reward for proof of location: [once will be PoL live] generally to get proof of location you should simply reward FOAM tokens right? What about the ‘‘souvenir’’ scenario where the person using the service pay FOAMand gets Proof of Location + a NFT souvenir? I’m not that good at explaining I know… but like entering in a Casinò means tokenizing your cash, using a FOAM PoL service could mean entering in a virtual world to experience something or get a specific service… why not hosting this subservice in FOAM?
  • NFT can be linked to TIME. As FOAM gets coordinates, a derivative NFT token could be generated different from all the others because forged with a specific time, so you can use this NFT to unlock your ownership once somebody else is buying your ‘‘place’’ and you are the last public owner on the blockchain, time-validated.
  • Supply Chain: NFT (represents shipped goods) used to react to PoL during shipments stops. This trigger (RFID?) write a status on the blockchain meaning traceability + trust. Interoperability with protocols such as IOTA would be cool in this case…

I have others very macchiavelli style ideas… Hope to get time to structure them well…
Sorry to have been so random about explanations… I’m sure in the future every one of those use cases could be a new enterprise building services on top of FOAM.

What are your FOAM Use Case ideas?

Hi man! Great ideas. Was participated in Kickstarter campaign of Zombie Battlegrounds this is CCG on Plasma. So I think OoI can be used for location based Daily quests or local championships. There is also can be location based NFT art.


Back on this about the Pokemon GO whole thing… Check this new game by the same developers (Niantic) just published…

I tried a bit the game and man… t
This is a location and attractions pegged game, this is definitely something useful for FOAM :smiley:


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe ingress came out before Pokemon Go :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless Ingress Prime is a new game just released not to sure about that, I’ll check it out!

in the mean time we have an article that does mention games a little bit :wink:


Not at this time, but we are researching IPNS instead of IPFS. IPNS is a name service where you can pin information to a hash and be able to change the pin, i.e. update the data.