NY Blockchain Week Scavenger Hunt - New Point System, Leaderboard & Prizes!


New daily scavenger hunt by BlockCities for the next 5 days of NY Blockchain Week
Starting Monday May 13th, 3pm EST.

More details here:

The scavenger hunt uses a new point system, leaderboard and prizes! If you are interested in a behind the scenes of the scavenger hunts, check out this post.

This thread is intended to serve as point for discussion and updates around the NY Blockchain Week Scavenger Hunt.


Winner #1

  1. $500 in ETH
  2. Gold One World Trade Center building collectible (1 of 1)
  3. Blockitecture Factory Deco Set

Winner #2

  1. $300 in ETH
  2. Silver 251 1st Street

Winner #3

  1. $200 in ETH
  2. Bronze Williamsburg Hotel

All Participants

  1. Limited Edition FOAM Building Collectible


Each day you can earn points by competing to discover the correct building first and adding to the FOAM Map. At the end of the week, the top three users with the most points wins the prizes by BlockCities listed below.

  1. 50,000 Points - Be the 1st User to identify the correct building and place the correct Hunt POI (daily)
  2. 20,000 Points - If you aren't the first person to place the correct building POI, place a different POI around the 1st POI to gain extra points
  3. 1,000 Points - Place any point on the FOAM for 1000 Points each point. Max of 10,000 points per day.

Last but not least

Remember to have fun! BlockCities knows there may be disputes due to ambiguity and they will do our best to reduce their frequency of these. Please share your feedback here to help make this game fun and fair for everyone.

Good luck!


New Scavenger Hunt tag is live and will be for the duration of the hunt.


First day is over:

Great to see several people participating already, including some new users!



Should that be “10,000 Points” instead? :slight_smile: As lowercase “points” seem to mean “POIs”.


Good spot. Quoted from BlockCities site. To avoid confusion, I think that “location” or “point of interest” are better terms to use.