NYC Blockchain Showcase NFT Giveaway Live


Coinciding with our event at New Lab (Announcing the NYC Blockchain Showcase event at New Lab) we’re hosting a NFT giveaway for those who can’t make it to NYC.

Starting now, and extending into wed. if you add a POI in the geofence surrounding the New Lab in Brooklyn NY (pictured below) and tag this POI with the ‘New Lab Event’ tag, then you’ll receive a one-off NFT, or digital collectible.

Read our blog post for full details:

FOAM Map Upgrades Community Call (Mar 7- 12PM EST)

Friendly reminder to have the “New Lab Event” Tag on your POIs :wink:


Added a short clarification on bottom of post. The campaign is limited to 1x NFT per address.


:eyes: Great to see activity already after first day.


NFTs for the first day have been distributed. Check your wallets ! :+1:




Hi Foam Team, how do I view my NFT in my Metamask wallet?


Hey right now to view your New Lab NFT you can check it out on OpenSea“X”

The “X” being the TokenId of the NFT you received.

Random Example :


Have all the New Lab NFTs been distributed yet? And if so how do i view the TokenID in metamask? Im not seeing it anywhere.


Hey! @yepyep
Yes they have all been distributed.

You can check out your address on etherscan under “ERC721” Transactions to find out the TokenId.

Then go to OpenSea“X”

The “X” being the TokenId of the NFT you received

Afaik Metamask doesn’t show ERC721 Tokens


ok cool. i see it. all good. sorry im new to NFTs


No Worries, happy to help out. NFTs are relatively new in the space and not much infrastructure for them have been built out as well

AFAIK Metamask doesn’t show ERC721s too so there is that issue. I’ll be happy to explore any new ways to present NFTs if they come up