On so-called "art"


Not to beat the dead horse, but I find the Eiffel Tower challenge quite amusing:

… the Eiffel Tower is not ‘art.’

We should probably correct Wikipedia ASAP, because it has the tower’s photo captioned

Eiffel Tower, a successful work of structural art.

Hmm, who should I trust on this? The 5000-token challenger or Wikipedia volunteer editors? :thinking:

This reminds me of “Salt Lake Tabernacle”, a recently removed POI, the entire reason being

Inappropriate tag. POI is not “Art.”

And here is how Salt Lake Tabernacle (RIP) actually looks:

Yeah, “not art”.


It’s subjective, isn’t it? I see Eiffel Tower as more art than the garbage (and I do mean garbage literally) in some of the museums.


Possibly something for Governance to address? Both “Landmark”, or “Historical” seems more applicable for things such as the Eiffel Tower.

Having terms that are subjectively interpreted such as “art” is, would certainly be asking for challenges.

An item on a national register, or if you would a Landmark, recognized as such could be less contentious and with the official recognition, have one less item that should be challengeable.

In the USA there is a National Register for such Historic Locations: https://www.nps.gov/subjects/nationalregister/index.htm


That is true. But is that what we want here? The main reason for having a map is location and the name of the place. Everyone knows what the Eiffel Tower is.

Perhaps to discourage challenges that are motivated by unbridled greed, a limit of 50 or 100 tokens could be set on challenges? After all, the whole point of challenges is to improve the map, not for opportunists to gouge thousands of FOAM out of some poor fellas.





It’s almost like people are forgetting that they also are rewarded for voting and winning on the “this POI is valid” side.


I noticed that the Eiffel Tower has been removed 5 times… popular challenge target




“Reported issue:
Staker of the POI is a communist.”


@Jimmy_maps Okay this is the best thing I’ve seen on here so far. I have to say that I’m enjoying this core group of regulars a good deal.