Pair metamask with other [mobile] wallets


Hi foam team
General & dumb question here…
As holidays are in the air and PoU ended (I completed it)
I was thinking to pair my metamask I use for cartography with a mobile wallet (trust or coinbase) so I can check through mobile my POIs and challenges while away (waiting for the mobile version, I know map is already usable in mobile but not optimized)
Can I import my metamask in another wallet to check in parallel from the smartphone ? Is there any problem with it? Do you have some suggestions?
And happy New year!


As long as you haven’t paired it before it should be fine, (Pairing can only be done once).

I believe any web3 compatible wallets can work, so Coinbase, trustwallet should work.

Your previous POIs from address A wont be shown on the Mobile Address Dashboard however since it’s two different addresses.