Plans for Foam Use Cases to Back Regenerative Finance


Hello, my name is Timothy and Im the founder of the Athena Project who’s mission is to provide real world data collection and verification services that back regenerative financial assets and sustainably linked financial services. I received a developers kit from ETHDenver 2022 but I have to admit that I don’t know what this hardware is, or where to start when it comes to assembling and working with the kit. I do however have a strong desire and sufficient capacity to learn.

Is there anyone who would like to consult with our project and help me get my hardware legs? Some assistance setting up and using the developers kit, as well as an introduction to setting up a proof of location zone would be most welcome.


I second that need.

I am interested in learning FOAM Lite especially, and how I might use FOAM-based LoRa(WAN) electrical meters for renewable energy microgrids for rural communities. I’m an Electrical Engineer, and am familiar with some data protocols, as well as the RF spectrum.

Timothy, maybe we can both learn if I’m able to manage a kit for myself.