PoI from Coordinates


If I want to create a PoI using coordinates because it doesn’t have a street address, how do I do that?


You can try editing this
https://map.foam.space/#/at/?lng=Insert Longitude Here&lat=Insert Latitude here&zoom=15.00

Example to open up at New York :


ya thats what i figured out. the problem is it doesnt put a point where that is on the map, it just shows you that area on the map. from there i had to just keep clicking around until the coordinates matched up in the Address box when creating a PoI. im not sure if thats the easiest way of doing it, but it works that way.


Yeah true, What I did previously was really zoom it in close by editing the zoom value at the end of the url.


also since i created a PoI from coordinates only and in the address box just put the county and state because that is all the info available. there is no way for someone to search for the PoI and find it by typing in the title of that PoI, correct?


not being able to search the FOAM map by titles of created PoIs really limits the uniqueness value of the map, especially during Static PoL. Anyone could use any other map to find existing addresses and names of locations, there would be no reason for them to use FOAM.

giving users the ability to create unique PoIs regardless of if its a known address on another map is important. but then limiting the search capabilities to only known addresses kind of defeats the purpose.

the example i was testing this with is the crash site for the Roswell UFO Incident. if you go to googlemaps and search Roswell UFO Incident you get no info at all about it. you have to search for it on Google, then click on its Wikipedia page, then find the tiny coordinates that are listed and click those, this brings you to a page with a bunch of different map options, most are not helpful. once you find a good map link its just going to give you a marker of where the crash site is, no info on it.

the exact location of the crash site is now on the FOAM map with info about it and links to learn more. but if you cant find it using the search bar, then that takes away the value created in it being easier to find using the FOAM map, rather than using any other way on the internet.

im sure there are plenty of examples of things users will want to mark on the map even if its not a known location on an already existing map. other users not being able to find that info easily limits the value and growth of the map imo.


Thanks for bringing this up, we agree native PoI search will be a good feature to have. Being able to support elastic search queries on the Map is no small project and would require indexing the blockchain and IPFS data in a different manner than our current architecture and a lot of backend and end point work. While no perfect solution, the base map search tools is to aid in finding locations that you want to map.

The compromise for the time being of finding PoIs is that the view port serves as a search filter of sorts. You only see points on the dashboard list that are in the view port. So if for example I was zoomed to New Mexico, I would see the Roswell UFO Incident in the list. You can filter by age and token weight.

The protocol itself does not limit search capabilities. Alternative interfaces can be built by anyone that supports search, but is something the Foamspace team would like to add support for in the future as well and will be a necessity to support forthcoming use cases.

It it is not a known location found on other maps, how would anyone know what it is called to search for it?

In the Spatial Index Beta, search has some functionality for the beacon names that you can try: https://beta.foam.space

We learned a lot from the beta, and this influenced our work greatly on the FOAM Map – one of the learnings was the challenge is correctly implementing search for blokchain metadata.


ya im making it sound like an easy feature to add and i know its much more difficult than i can understand.

awesome. thats good to know.

and youre right. that works perfectly fine for the time being.

by known i meant an address attached to it. for example i had a friend who is a huge movie fan ask me if it was possible for him to mark the locations of where some of his favorite movie scenes were shot, which it obviously is. he then wanted to know if other people could search the name of the movie if it was in the title of the PoI and find his work. i didnt know if that was possible or not so thats why i tested it with the Roswell example. but his movie scene idea would be an example of a location that is only known by cross referencing more sources than whats found on other maps.


sounds like an awesome app to build on top of foam, but not a direct foam feature.


ya i agree with that.