Potential Applications for FOAM


I looked and didn’t see an area to capture potential applications. Here is one:

What is Smart Mining?
A connected mine uses data from sensor technology to effectively manage underground and pit mining operations. [T]oday’s mining industry is […] high-tech, efficient, and safe.

This is partially because modern mining companies are deploying the latest in sensor and cloud technology. These connected mines are improving the extraction process and workers’ safety while also boosting productivity. Smart Mining

Item 5 in the graphic includes High Accuracy GPS, and this is an application that FOAM dPOL would be able to step into with a much better level of accuracy and ability to integrate Location to other requirements on an industrial mining site such as Tools, vehicle and supplies tracking only some areas easily supported by a blockchain based geospatial system!

Do you have any other potential applications for FOAM?

Announcing the FOAM Map Developer Grant Program

@yinzeus great and thanks for starting this thread! With the grant program just announced perfect timing to dedicate a place for discussing potential applications.


Great thread idea! I have been thinking a bit about this lately too. It seems important to disambiguate between apps that would work on POI map, vs tools that would require dPOL. (Full disclosure, I work at Enigma so I’m particularly curious about applications at the intersection of data privacy & location services.)

some ideas…

(poi map only)
secret scavenger factory
Similar to blockcities game, but the treasure is placed initially and the reward process is automated. This could be interesting especially if one clue leads to another, and you want everyone who places a POI in the zone to receive the next clue immediately. It could also make it easier to create a game with many winners without publicly publishing the answer…

Other thoughts on POI map
Right now, it seems like placing and curating points of interest is the main functionality. That’s cool, but I think Foam can also be used to make general location-specific claims about things on-chain. For example, I wonder how etherisc’s hurricane insurance app records your home’s location. (https://hurricaneguard.io/).

(require dPoL)
"Find my friends" w/ private defaults:
get a notification when you and anyone on your list are within x meters of one another. Have the option to push your info to them, but not shared automatically

Location pollination
Airdrop to addresses within a specific zip code only (location-specific advertising? scary but cool!?). Could be integrated someday with a messaging tool as well. If users kept their location a secret, the zip code query could be done in such a way that the sender doesn’t know your zip by default, only if it matches their query parameters.

Decentralized captive portal for dapps?
A captive portal is what you see when you’re in an airport and while unpaid can only look at southwest dot com sites and so forth. when you pay you are then connected to another network (with real internet). This is all handled with special captive portal routers (afaik!), but possibly something interesting could be done to enable location-specific site access.

Love to hear what others are thinking, too!


Zone Anchor’s for Maintenance and repair facilities?

GE Aviation, Microsoft Reveal Aircraft Parts Blockchain

“So what we have done brings cost optimization and significant safety improvement, but now we are exposing a new business model. We are creating a profit center for what I lovingly referred to as ‘the boneyard’ in Texas, where essentially they put all these parts where they don’t have the GE Aviation genuine paperwork – and you can do that for all the other boneyards out there, too.”

This is a valuable idea, the enterprise fascination with ‘permissioned-blockchains’ will pass. when it does applications that are implemented on the main-chain, or an integrated side-chain will be sought. Using a Zone Anchor on a site that is performing high volume, high value repairs will be a good demonstration of FOAM.


it’s unfortunate that such an idea or conversation would have garnered more excitement and contribution in the past - this has happened because founder/team neglected to genuinely engage on a level with community members who were initially keen.


The inflection point for the next stage in excitement of FOAM is properly the Zone Anchors. They will provide the return for a risk that capital requires, and they also will provide that return as a multiplier as the Zone Anchor will become a large focal point for activity in FOAM.

dPOL of is unique, and will be immediately used as the network expands. Applications that we know currently will be able to leverage this verification immediately, other applications we haven’t thought of yet will be possible with dPOL and developers will create in this new arena.


Great idea, I really like this. Could potentially be implementable with the work done by @codyborn here:


Thanks for sharing @arthur I will check this out!


As a geologist, I’d be interested in seeing the FOAM map used for outcrop observations, and Stratigraphic/Elevation Mapping. This however, will need to include not just a verification of geospatial locations of certain observational data, but the details of those observations would also need to be verified. Could be a significant tool for the Geologic Research Community to reference from a universal map of Stratigraphic Geological Layers on the surface.


Hello foam community
I am mario with nodewaste.com

The use case we are building using foam is an iot zero waste solution.

This project came to be working with a beach clean up non profits in Los Angeles California.

The beach clean up would collect and sort trash from the ocean for data gathering for municipalities Then send it to a landfill.

Meanwhile municipal governments are looking for better ways to divert and reduce contamination in goods that can be repurposed from landfills.

Node waste creates reward and logistics
Layer diverting uncontaminated goods to process facilities.
For use by users at home businesses and companies.

We have an early demo on our github


Nodewaste was born at the 2019 ATT shapeways Hackathon