Prediction Markets on the FOAM Map


With the recent launch of Veil on top of Augur I got to thinking about Prediction Markets on Point dat on the FOAM Map. I think this could be very interesting, a lot of fun and a monetization strategy for point owners.

Markets can be made on if you believe a point will survive a challenge, opening up ways to test your curation skills. More generally prediction markets can be made on certain points not currently under a challenge, for example “Will this point still be on the Map 6 months from now”.

Anyone interested in trying this out with me? Just connected to Veil, not 100% intuitive. Seems that the markets themselves need to be opened from within Augur. Eager to hear ideas!


As a NFT the Signals will have great value; in the FOAM ecosystem, and as a secondary asset. I was thinking about this and in the white paper we read:

Cartographers will Signal where location services are needed, and in doing so increase the eventual block reward (the FOAM Tokens received through the mining process described below) of that location. This incentive mechanism is to coordinate Cartographers, in a grass roots fashion, to operate the protocol and further incentivize Cartographers to potentially operate Dynamic Proof of Location Zones themselves. While the goal of the Signal function is to incentivize the growth of the FOAM network and the increased adoption of the dynamic Proof of Location functionality described further below, there is no guarantee that those incentives will work as intended or result in predictable outcomes. While the Signal smart contract is designed to develop and grow the network, it is always possible that other economic incentives and behaviors could disrupt or alter the expected operation of the Signal function in unforeseen ways, up to and including possible negative outcomes for FOAM Network adoption, participation and utility.

and further it states;

The FOAM Token further provides the framework and incentive for Zone operators to set up specialized hardware beacons to broadcast coverage, further participate in the protocol and develop an overlaying peer-to-peer network of radio beacons called Zone Anchors. Zone Anchors can arrive at consensus on whether something is located at a certain point in time and space based on these radio beacons. Anchors that are part of a Zone will share a state machine on the history of the time data logs of the Zone and vote on additions to the log with a blockchain consensus. A Zone operates as its own blockchain where the validators are the Zone Anchors, which need to stake tokens to be given the authority to participate.

So the FOAM ecosystem depends on Signaling as a function, as without it we cannot bootstrap to the dPOL. I can imagine a scenario where a Zone operator would be dependent on a local Signal, since there is a weight to early Signals, and there will be a symbioses therein as the Zone operator will benefit more greatly from this early Signal, than in provisioning a New Signal. How is this symbioses determined in practice?

In addition to providing Zone operators with the ability to participate within a Zone, the token could also permit operators who choose to purchase the requisite hardware to offer location services via Zone Anchors, which would be similarly verified through the network-based consensus rules. Although any such upgrade would be dependent on the technological points discussed in the paragraphs below, from a network standpoint such upgrade could be achieved at a future date by voting/consensus mechanism within a particular FOAM TCR community that it would require such Zone verification from a certain point in time.

What remains to more clearly emerge is how the function of the Signal in the FOAM ecosystem, delivers recognized value to other participants. Or more clearly how with an earliest placed Signal, we will continue to see it deliver that value for the foreseeable future of FOAM.


Thank you, @yinzeus, but what does it have to do with the price of tea in China?


Yes, Signaling in itself if like a prediction market on where Zones will appear. From the last community call Signaling was described as akin to participating in a survey and being rewarded for being correct.

However, for this topic I am discussing utilizing Prediction Markets like Augur/Veil to predict Points and how they may fair through a challenge on the FOAM Map - not Signaling or Zones.


I love this Idea personally. Veil has been amazing UX and fun to play with.


Excellent. I am a bit confused on how a user would perform this action. Can you break it down into steps, or a ‘User Story’? Right now I see a concept and am not sure how to proceed.