Price Discussion Category Proposal


I would very much like if the price and speculative discussion might be relegated to a specific sup forum or Category. This was incredibly helpful and useful to the Ethereum Subreddit in the early days.


Agreed. Also would be useful to have a mining category.


The FOAM Discourse should be used for Constructive Discussions and Idea sharing rather than Price Speculative discussions, there are other alternatives if you wish to participate in those discussions


I don’t see the harm on have both @Daryl_Foam.

If the feedback and discussions are going down and the only thread having comments is the price one you can always close it but, some people coming for the price discussion may as well participate at the end on the tech and feedback discussions

The objective of discourse should not only be feedback, it should be build the community around foam as well. If price of token is part of what the community wants to talk about… Why censor it? (at least there is some legal implications that can damage the project of course)


How exactly and how applicable will that be to FOAM? I’m genuinely interested.


How - With ETH is was moderated. Any discussion of price was deleted and the author was directed to Ethtrader. It was a golden age of productivity.

Foam specifically - Watch how quickly the forum descends into nothing but price discussion and how quickly everything gets tied back to price, is relative to price, only matters if price, etc.


I skimmed the FAQ just to be sure, I don’t believe the forum rules and norms yet address the explicit discussion of price or speculation. I hope if we establish the norm early!


Yes, we’re re-writing the FAQs and rules of Discourse, it was an oversight for us previously not to include anything explicitly on Price Speculation.

One of the reasons why we moved the community to Discourse was because we saw how Telegram group chat devolve to just price speculation and we definitely don’t want that to happen to the FOAM Discourse.


I also would like it and I don’t see any valid reason why this would hurt the discussion or project if it’s in a specific topic.

Besides, one should not be naive and blind here, especially FOAM team, the FOAM map relies on FOAM tokens being staked and businesses to use the map so MONEY is at stake. Let’s be realistic about it and not ignore the obvious.

In my opinion there is more benefit to discuss money and price openly because it is related to the project than downsides.


I’m sorry, @ChoiceThoery, for a moment I thought you were saying that price discussions were invaluable for early Ethereum, but I see that you meant the opposite.

My feeling is that excessive price discussions are distracting and counter-productive to building a network like FOAM. Even more so are the actual price swings, which are often driven by narratives around price and value. Imagine FOAM token being pumped and as a result large amount of POIs unstaked and sold to ride the price wave. For this reason I hope that FOAM price stays relatively stable.


The FOAM Team has a legal obligation not to host any Speculative Market Discussions.

This community Forum is for Discussions, questions and research with the community, we’ve never been a project about Price Speculation and there are plenty of other avenues to do that.


That’s acceptable… So lets forget about exchanges and even price speculation…
What are you “as a team” going to do on getting/bringing more attention to the map? and to attract new consumers / token users? Please leave answers as product development and so on from the table… Will there be marketing, etc?
Lets not forget foam also has competitors…

look forward to your answer


Hey @Wibe , we’ll be revealing some of our plans in our community call tomorrow, do check it out the details on that here. Looking forward to seeing you in the call!