Process for claiming tokens after successful challenge?


Apologies if this was addressed somewhere else, but I’ve been trying to follow closely.

I successfully challenged a POI and also voted in some other challenges that were successful. I thought tokens would be sent to me automatically, but as far as I can tell that has not happened. In the Telegram chat someone indicated there would be a process for claiming tokens in this circumstance. Is that correct?

Basically just wondering how I get my tokens after a successful challenge or vote. Thanks!


Check your “Expired Voting Credit” under “My Assets”.

A “Vote Reveal Phrase” is shown to you after you vote (you must save it).

“The Vote Reveal phase is when you will reveal your vote to FOAM community…This stage reveals which voters are on the winning or losing side, and if the POI candidate or challenger wins.”

“To reveal your vote, you must enter your Vote Reveal Phrase… Rewards in FOAM tokens are redistributed after the Vote Reveal phase has ended and there is a clear winner.”

“If you do not reveal your vote then your vote will not be counted and you will be ineligible to receive any rewards.”



It’s possible I missed the crux of the issue you’re facing. As far as I know Metamask pops up after the above steps to confirm the transaction for the vote reveal.


@jib already answered on steps on voting, be sure to check on etherscan if all the steps were done properly!

As for claiming rewards

  1. Click on the “My Assets” Card
  2. Expand the page by clicking on the top right arrow
  3. Scroll down and look for the rewards.


By expanding the asset card as you suggest, I was able to see and claim one reward. Thanks!

Only problem: I had at least 4-5 other votes, and one challenge I initiated, for which I should have received rewards. These still do not appear. I will note that the one reward I claimed was the most recent challenge in which I voted - all the others were older than this. Do the rewards “expire?” Or is this a known issue?

I’m not overly concerned about this and I understand it’s a new system. Just trying to help, but certainly would like my tokens if there’s a way. Maybe they’re still out there somewhere but for some reason not showing up in my assets card?

  1. Did you reveal all the votes? And are all the challenges completed?
  2. Can you check on Etherscan whether you’re vote went through? You can PM me on Telegram @daryllautk with the address and I’ll help you look for it.

Edit : This issue was solved and locked voting Credits that were stuck are now claimmable.


I think there is one more problem here:
Many times it happens that the challenge is finished but not updated
this is mainly because of lazy challengers
(or because was hard to find again a challenge you made, now with filters is like WHHHAAAAAT perfect!)
also the ‘‘challenged’’ cartographer will never spend FOAM to discover he lost his stake…


Yes this does bring some friction to the process, its the result of the smart contract architecture and due to the fact that gas is needed to update the global state of a Point on Ethereum. Which is why once done it is reflected for all users. I am sure there are means to solve this in a future upgrade.

You should be able to update status for a POI if its left in that state, for example if a challenge you voted in for is still in the “Update Status” mode you can send the “Update Status” transaction yourself as well.


Yes definitely, is just a pity because the gas cost most of the time will cut the incentive reward because it’s too expensive… So if the reward is not enough as a voter I would never update the status…


You can update with minimum gas, will take longer but almost always be higher than reward.


Hi have a new question about claiming rewards… @Daryl_Foam
It’s possible to have a nice ‘‘Claim ALL Rewards’’ ?
I know we can set minimum gas… but as I’ve already wrote in other post… some times minimum gas end in a transaction error, so I would love a ‘‘Batch’’ claiming process to collect all my rewards at once, but I don’t know if the architecture of the smart contract permits this.