Public parks / squares with the address of a building


There were challenges where a park had the address of a building across the street.

Surprisingly, the same voters pick different votes in the same situations.
I mean, I know that when I stand at this address I see the park.

But is not it unacceptable for a clean blockchain protocol?
One is a public facility with possibly different facilities inside freely accessible and large in area.
The other is a building much smaller in private ownership whose owner can change at any time and where companies can possibly settle.

How do you see it?

Example here


I’m very glad you pointed that out.
I’m the creator of the challenge, consider I gave it up opening challenges after losing some of them which were definitely manipulated… But the community is the community and the vote is legitimate.
I deeply believe that while the cartographer’s comunity will grow, more transparency and watchdogs will increase, bringing a positive impact on the trust in challenges and voting pools.
I have not time to verify the voter of my challenge (it was the USPS pointing to the USPS parking lot :rofl:) but I’ll use foam tool heavily in the next months!