Question on Proof of Use requirements ?


Hello FOAM Team,

Ryan said the initial POU period will end on December 10th but it’s not clear to me if we have to fulfill all requirements on this specific date in order to unlock tokens or if we can do it before.

For example, if we add 10 POIs and use 25% (or 50% if large buyer) and withdraw tokens from the map before December 10th will the POU query module consider POU as complete ? Or do we need to have requirements fulfilled on the specific date or later to have POU complete ?

Thanks for clarifying, it’s not clear for me and my team. Thanks.


You can complete PoU before this date or after this date.

I believe some of the confusion is that the PoU button in the Map states “not complete” because it is checking the Token Controller contract and is first looking at the date. Since it is till the initial use period that button is displaying not complete for al users. Once we hit December 10th and if you have fulfilled PoU then the button in the Map will change to complete.

If you added points and then removed them prior to December 10th it still counts towards your PoU, its just that the button will not change its status until Dec 10 for everyone.