Reply with 2 POI tags you want added to the map app - **NOW WITH POLL**


Hi Cartographers,
Let’s make a list of POI tags to be added to the map. Every Sunday, I’ll publish a list of tags from most to least popular. The FOAM team can use this for the next update.

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New Tags: Residential, Education, Transportation, Religion, Government – FOAM Map

Transportation and Education please!


Government Administration and Post Office please and thank you. If Governmental is more appropriate for both then Governmental… I personally don’t think of the government when thinking about the Post Office (but yes; I agree they are intimately connected).


Government and Post Office. I think a separation is appropriate here


Any tags for Hotels?


Transport and education, I agree.


what about ? scenic view and architecture


Natural attraction, e.g. trail head, waterfall, etc.

Historic place, e.g. points on the national register of historic places


Perhaps the list that OpenStreetMap has been expanding for years can be of inspiration. Note that the k/v combinations can seem a bit odd…Just try and look past that, and a pretty comprehensive list emerges.

All links below are subheadings on this huge list of all OSM feature types.


Social/Community - I understand the existing “Nightlife” tag to apply to a narrow subset of this suggestion.


I really like @mvexel 's idea of using OSM for inspiration. It’s worth noting that OSM is quite road/transportation focused and early FOAM use cases are likely to be more destination centric.


I agree, “Education” is an important tag.


I agree. “Accomodation” would be great.


I would also like to see “Maritime” or “Nautical” as a tag so ferry docks, ports, etc can be easily searched. But the “maritime” tag excludes lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Should there be a tag that encompasses all bodies of water or is it better that they are seperate?


This is cool @cryptozen, perhaps we could use the “Like” button to vote for which does the community want added!


Hotels/Accommodations, Public Transportation


Accomodation - definitely useful
Store / Market - of any kind, just to wrap up all the kinds of points that could be in the future the locations where other token transactions use to let a smart contract run… This can open a wide field of applications and dApps
Transportation / vehicle sharing: this also can be huge: as sharing economy go decentralized having a map with the locations where you can pick up a bike/motorcycle/car/boat or whatever can be extremely useful to develop more contracts on this specific matter!


What would really get people to use the like button would be if the top level responses organized by like count, a la redit


I actually looked for a discourse poll feature but could not find one. In keeping with the spirit of decentralization and curated lists, the community should vote on this. In the absence of voting, I will manually curate the community’s suggestions. Let me know if you have other ideas Daryl


Agreed. I like all 3. Thanks for input ntotao


Thanks. thinking of ways to take advantage of the like button