Reply with 2 POI tags you want added to the map app - **NOW WITH POLL**


Vote for your top 5 POI tags. Based on votes and comments, tags may be removed or added subsequently.

  • Architecture
  • Art, Craft & Culture
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Historic Places
  • Hotels/Accommodations
  • Maritime/Nautical
  • Religion
  • Social/Community
  • Station & Stops
  • Store/Market/Mall
  • Transportation
  • Water-body

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Cool, you figured it out!


Will look if this feature is possible on Discourse and let you guys know!


I am just starting to build a FOAM-based directory of medical providers in Port-au-Prince Haiti. This is part of a proof-of-concept for a much larger project to create a “Registry of Persons with Disabilities” in the country.

I need tags that will support this project. I can start with with Hospital, Clinic, Pharmacy and Medical Supplies. I hope in the future I can create custom tags or at least have a Medical tag and allow me to create custom “sub tags” for lack of a better name.

Dennis Acton


When introducing new POI tags, would there be an opportunity for existing POIs to be updated to a more accurate tag, rather than be challenged?

Also, have we considered (in other communication channels, perhaps) supporting multiple tags for a single POI? For example, a really old church building could be an attraction, architecture, historic place and religion.


This was amazing, thank you for the poll! hope more people will get in discourse soon :smiley:


You can already select up to three tags. It would probably be good if it said something like “select up to three labels” in small, light grey words above the tags.


Ahh yes, thanks for pointing that out Kilo!


Is there a reason behind having a limited amount of tags? Why not enable dozens of them based on other mapping systems and also allow custom tags to be created?


Great questions Layton. Will bring to the attention of the FOAM team


Passed your question to Admin Dennis


Thanks for your contribution everyone! We have made an announcement for new tags that will go live Wednesday next week.


This is awesome Foam Team. Very responsive to the community:raised_hands:t6:


Yes, I’d like to just see “landmark” as a catchall for distinctive places that make sense as location markers but might not have any official status or occupation.


i like to see Education, Social community and healthcare.