Santa Maria d'Arenys


The street view provided by the challenger doesn’t seem to indicate anything that validates this challenge.

Another website - - shows the address of the church as Carrer de l’Esglesias 24, 08350 Arenys de Mar, which is what the POI has put down.

Not enough evidence to justify the challenge, let alone a challenge for 500 tokens!

Bochsler Finance et Associés SA

Why would you believe a map more as that what u see with your own eyes?
Google the given address with number 24 … u will see where google show u that Point :wink:


Did u look on this map you linked us?
Can u see that on the side of the church the odd numbers are?
An there where 24 should be is an symbol?
But this church is not there.
Pls proof the information u gave gave us once again.


I think the onus is on you to prove since you made the accusation that the POI is wrong.


This screenshot indicates the address, which is same as what the cartographer put in the POI.


I plase u zoom in and check the map


Congratulation, here ist like the whole street is number 24,
I can’t get it what your arguments are here???
Look where on this map 24 should be. What do u think?
I help u, it’s between 16 and 56
And if you would work with three maps like me than u would know that on some maps many numbers are always shown on one point.
Please check it once more.



My argument is that you have not proven conclusively that the POI is wrong.

And if it’s just about improving the map, why are you always challenging for the full amount of tokens? Why not 50 or 100?


You mean like you when u started to challenge this challenge without any proofed reason?
I do not understand the question.
I really don’t get some of you guys. Here are working accurate people for hours and days to proof this map. And then when they find a significant mistake u disturb their work with an link from somewhere that u did not even check by your self?


Searching the map for high staked POIs to challenge over some minor errors is work?

The original cartographer spent all those tokens on the POI and now is going to lose them all because of your challenge. So you replace it with a new POI … so what? All you have done is took the work of the original cartographer and added minor adjustment to it. The guy certainly doesn’t deserve to lose all his tokens, and neither do you deserve to win over 60% of those tokens.

You’d be much more believable if you challenge for 50 or 100 tokens instead of the full amount.


Unfortunately, I do not understand again. The challenges take much more time than the creation of POIs. If you control 10-15 pois until you can make a challange a lot of time can pass. I think you do not see the value of this work here, which contributes to make this project the best map in the world.