Short term incentives for the FOAM Map


I agree with this.

First problem is building the map, the the second problem is improving the quality.

Currently there is more incentive to spend time challenging other peoples POIs than there is to place a new POI even though there are a billion… literally, a billion, POIs that should be added.

The incentive to challenge POIs and the incentive to add new POIs should be inverse and should be based on the amount of activity in an area. Consider in a place with a POI registered for every 1000 sq ft, the incentives should line up to encourage the challenge of existing POIs. Conversely, in situations where the number of POIs marked are sparse, (like in the maps current state everywhere in the world,) there should be almost no incentive to challenge others POIs. If people are going to spend time on the map, they should be marking new POIs so that we at least have a base line to start from. incentive to refine that map should increase as the map gets more points on it.


We’ll definitely take this into account when planning out our campaigns and mapathon events!


Great discussion here. I agree with the age based incentives for POIs. However the distribution scheme proposed can be tricky. What stops me currently from creating POIs all over the world and get benefitted with the incentive distribution model.


Good question. The POIs created will either be good points or bad ones. For good ones, well, that’s the whole idea. For bad ones, the community will have a feast on your POI stakes. The extra long verification period, in addition to new POI/challenge notification feature gives the community time to detect.


This thread has been extremely helpful in scoping out next steps for the FOAM Map. Thanks to everyone commenting and discussing.