Signaling - create a path



I was reading the step by step guide for signaling as I had an idea to create when the signaling was live. On 2021, as St James falls on Sunday, is called a “Holy year”.

The “Camino de Santiago” that goes from France to Santiago the Compostela (Wikipedia English page)

The only way I can find is to add a singal every 5 Km and was thinking if there is a better way or something is bein planned to cover regions. There is a big number of POIs along the way and with the holy year coming, number of pilgrims increase by a lot (can be checked on wikipedia, the green bars are the holy years pilgrims, much higher than “normal” years


I’m sure it will be a great addition to the map!

Any ideas on how to create it would be very welcome!

With only circles as the radius of the signal it feels like some locations will get underserved signaling :slight_smile: