Signaling / Initial PoU Community Call Recap


New post up on the FOAM Blog:

FOAM Community Call: Signaling/ Initial Use Period Recap

In this community call, we walked through the Initial Use Period, Signaling and we also announced a new campaign that is meant to be a first test for extrinsic Incentives on the FOAM Map.

Let us know your thoughts / if you have any questions.


It’s kind of weird to share this now. There is a big discrepancy between the moment the community call happened and your communication.

Although this might be valuable for the general public it’s quite misleading since the numbers are likely to have changed. I personally find it confusing.

Why not share where FOAM is now and where it’s heading? I think this would make more sense in terms of timing and communication.


Thank you FOAM team for sharing and looking forward to the next community call!

I will never understand comments like this. FOAM has posted a recap of every single community call hosted for those that missed it. This time is no different, you can probably chalk the lag up to the holidays.

I doubt the team needs to be told to post forward leaning material when that is obviously coming.