Small issues with lon/lat formatting


Signal card for a signal in NY says:

-74.01276 N, 40.71712 W

It should be -74.01276 W, 40.71712 N. In fact, since the map gives signed lon/lat, N/W/S/E can be omitted. For example, the lon/lat display at the bottom of the map does not use N/W/S/E; makes sense to be consistent across UI. By the way, it would be nice to change the order on that display from lat/lon to the more common lon/lat.


Thanks @foamspacer good feedback. Has been turned into an issue for the FOAM Map. Will report back when something changes on this.


Thanks for brining this up. We have a release coming out today with backend changes and some optimization. This issue will be fixed in that release later today