So I created a POI, what next?


I created a POI in North Alabama, USA. It’s the only one within 500 miles. Where do we go from here? It’s a small stake as a test until I know a little more.


POI’s through the consensus decision, populate the map with valid points. At a minimum this demonstrates the ability to create and add content.

Another level of FOAM is signaling which is where cartographers emphasize the importance of radio beacons in an area.

The radio beacons will multi lateralize Proof of location on the blockchain for a smart contract interface to the physical world.

Our biggest competition is the legacy GPS. Which is inaccurate in certain areas, spoofable, and does not have a blockchain / smart contract capability.

It is amazing that considering how many shortcomings that GPS has, that a significant disruptor has not already unseated it.

GNSS and Galileo, can be considered back up or redundant to GPS, neither bring Proof Of Location that is unspoofable.