Stake Sizing Ponderings


I have been thinking about stake sizing recently. A minimum of 50 FOAM makes sense if the token trades for $0.05 - $0.10, but if the token decreases or increases greatly, it changes the incentive formula. Someone may wish to contribute to the map, but it can quickly become cost prohibitive and risky if too much is at stake. Perhaps the minimum staked should take gas costs into consideration. Gas costs both protect POIs from challenge and prohibit them from being created if they are substantial enough in relation to the minimum staking cost. If the price of FOAM increases, say, 100 fold, an incentive would emerge to nitpick challenge POIs or attack them for no reason because the reward is so great. If the price decreases by the same, there is no financial incentive to challenge bad points because the reward is of no consequence.

By what mechanism is the limit changed? If reduced, or increased, what happens to the existing POIs?

Has anyone else been considering this?


I have considered it an I believe that there are mechanisms to alter these parameters. I don’t recall exactly how those mechanisms work, but generally with TCR design there are propositions and votes by the token holders.

Another concern for me is the that 1B FOAM/50 per POI is 20M POI as a super hard upper bound. Realistically, I imagine 50/POI limits the Number of POI to more like 5M.

I imagine that if there are millions of POI created, then the value of the TCR will have risen considerably by then, and we will have used some mechanism to lower the Minimum FOAM to stake on a POI.


The minimum stake can be changed with the Governance Tools along with the other FOAM Map core parameters.
Read more on that here:


This is correct. As shown in the published audit of the FOAM TCR and on the Ethereum chain the governance parameters are deployed. While these contracts can currently be called directly on chain, there is not yet the launched interface and user experience. As an interface facilitator this user experience is on the roadmap for Foamspace