TCR Industry Call Featuring FOAM Map this Thursday


For those unaware there is a monthly TCR industry call focusing on different topics on curation markets. This Thursday FOAM will be presenting and very much looking forward, information on how to join is below.

9th TCR Community Call
Thursday, June 27⋅1:30 – 2:30pm

This is an opportunity to come together as builders and users of TCR’s and talk about the challenges we’ve faced, the progress we’ve made, and the new features we’d like to see in the future.

The goal is to come away with an idea on how we can help each other build successful TCRs.

This Month’s Topics:
This week we’re going to catch back up with FOAM.

FOAM has been live for some months now, and has had a lot of activity. On the last call we saw how politics comes into play on the map in the South Chinese sea, which duplicate entries get prioritized as the “right” entry, and how one cartographer went out of his way to take videos of himself at his posted points of interest for evidence against challenges.

It’s been 5 months since the last call, and a lot has been happening. We’ll talk about gamification being built on top of the map, attacks, challenges, new curator tools being built, and planned parameter votes for the TCR


For anyone interested in joining, the call starts in 30 min.


Great presentation and updates Ryan. What is the telegram channel for the TCR group?


Thanks! and for joining. I believe this should work for the TCR Community Collaboration Coalition