The combination of LPWAN with WPS


Reading trough I was interested in the actual hardware of creating a signal and also saw that the :“Dynamic Proof of Location is currently being designed and signal rewards are not implemented”.
As I reading trough the articles and posts the new hardware consists entirely of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) which in future will be send on a frequency of EU 863 to 870 MHz, US 902 to 928 MHz and China 779 to 787 MHz.
This is also the frequency used by Wi-Fi positioning system (WPS), WiPS or WFPS.
Now my question would it not make sense to combine Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and Wi-Fi positioning system (WPS) in you project, as this would most certainly kick-start implementing physical Radio beacons (Zone Anchors).


I was always wondering how would you request location proofs from smartphone user perspective. No smartphone supports LPWAN radios and yet that’s what FOAM focuses on. How is this gap going to be filled if no app can use dPOL from conventional devices? I was thinking of something like Wifi-Lora or Bluetooth-Lora relays to reach phones but I haven’t seen any discussion about that.