The New Challenges - ended


250 - Palermo International Airport
Wrong address, the post Code belongs to Palermo City and not to Cinisi. The right one is 90045
Can be found on the homepage:

1000 - Duboce Park
Wrong address, the park can not have the number 585. This number belongs to a building across the street. Here is a link confirming this:,-122.4331377,3a,21.1y,193.59h,86.71t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sfO_rFFenzmkkc5gmv5CYfg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
On the side of the park are the even house numbers. 600 Duboce Avenue would be a gracious address for the park. Or Duboce Ave And Noe St like here :

500 - Museum of Communism
Address incomplete, existing address also wrong. Homepage is missing, phone number is missing. Here are two links to check.,14.4303634,3a,22.2y,180.57h,99.21t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s6WM-N7cFnkB0jXKIFrBVsg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

50 - National Museum, Prague
The POI is at the National Museum but has the address of the New National Museum across the street. These are two museums.

2000 - Skydive Empuriabrava

Wrong position and wrong address.
The address belongs to a hotel. The link shows this:;cdl=de;lang_changed=1

At the indicated position is not the described POI. The building belongs to AIRCRAFTTECH, S.L.

Skydive Empuriabrava is located further southeast. Here are two links:,3.1077362,3a,42.2y,40.63h,90.37t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sNTDr_unyJcGNX8d-vLD5mg!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192,3.1093077,18.87z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x12ba61e602b77091:0x9af4a674aff4bf62!2sCarrer+Aeroclub,+55,+17487+Castelló+d'Empúries,+Girona,+Spanien!3b1!8m2!3d42.2577688!4d3.1076596!3m4!1s0x12ba61ef34a55ed7:0xdd1a12b649675dbe!8m2!3d42.2582945!4d3.1091181

1000 - Saltamos - SkyDiveBCN

Wrong address!

Saltamos Village describes the point of itself with this address:
Barcelona Aerodrome - Bages 08272 Sant Fruitos de Bages Barcelona.

But at this POI a highway(Eix Transversal) is given as an address.
That makes no sense since the highway is 140km long.
Also, there is no exit at the airport from the highway as you can see well at street view. (Satelit a bit unclear)

The airport is very easy to find.
There are also signs in the city for the airport which indicate the way. Here is a link:

The airport also has an address and GPS coordinates.


These are BS/quibbling challenges and I’ll be voting against them. Paging @foamspacer for her/his take.


Echoing others, I’d ask @Elvo to post their improved POI prior to a challenge. That way we don’t have to trust that what is removed will be replaced. As we’ve dealt with malicious challenges before, this would make it easier for the voters to decide.


The timing also strongly suggests that this guy has voted 500K Foam on his own challenges.


Google maps has the same address as this POI. OSM has Palermo International Airport, Via Faro Pizzoli, Cinisi, PA, Sicily, 90045, Italy. It’s difficult to confirm the full address from the website, as I’m not familiar with italian addresses, but it does look like the zip code is 90045 rather than 90145 (as in the POI).


I’ve seen challenges struck down for just having incorrect ZIP codes before. Again, it would help if there was a duplicate POI placed here with the correct info, but I guess people don’t feel that’s important anymore.


It’s clear to me that things like large entities like airports can have multiple/ambiguous addresses. The challenger is just cherry-picking to find ‘discrepancies.’


Thanks for the answer.
I do not know how easy it is to say that these challenges have no value.
I only know that it takes a lot of time to maintain the map in shape.
I find inaccurately created POIs lower the value of the map in relation to the very well created.
What is then the value of my meticulous work in creating POIs?
Your statement contains a lot of emotion that I do not understand.
I do this after work and with fun. With three maps at the same time.
I think controlling and adding more information increases the value and usability of the map

POI - proof of POI - challenge for more Quality POI - vote - if successful POIs with more accurate data - more accurate map / higher standards for creating new POIs - more usability for other applications - better for the whole project, and now?


Thank you for the contribution.
Every POI has been renewed by me. Only on my first day did I win 41 challenges and then created 41 other POIs. Everything is documented comprehensibly. Since then, I have redrafted every challenge I’ve won and try to add the POI as best as possible.


Hey :slight_smile: how are you?
Thanks for the comment.
So in this regard, I would like to say that I realized in just a few weeks what great potential this project has.
Google is so inaccurate that many would not believe it. I would rather think that a resident company who has designed its own advertising on the internet knows better informations about the location.
Best thanks for the view of the POI.


I am realy sorry if u see it like that becouse i love doing this because i am extremely accurate.
I challenge both POIs with lower and higher tokens. I do not understand where the cherry is when I end up with 150 tokens for an hour or more minus gas :). And that until the Morning hours.

But you made me feel so guilty so I really spend some more time finding the following:
(Lots of codes for Plaermo but not that one for Cinisi)

Here for Cinisi:

I am grateful for the comments. If I realize that my accuracy is not welcome here and I then have to justify myself for the deserved tokens I will stop and then others can take over the task of the challenger, if there is someone who´s willing to put in the same energy.
Thank you for your cooperation.


i never had 500k :D, far away from it


Sorry but I think your emotional attachment to the owner is very big.
I appreciate that and appreciate your collegiality.
I hope that does not cloud your objective judgment. We have POIs whose inaccuracy can not be denied.

Cold you please describe what is quibbling on this challenges?
Do you have an 3Box Profile? I am interesting in your activities :smiley:


For the record I am not the owner of any of these POIs, nor do I know whom they belong to.


Sorry than i missunderstood your First Post.


Here are the last challenges I have renewed!
As long as I continue that, I think there is no reason for miscarriage.
Of course it only makes sense for me to renew the POIs after a successful challenge. Finally, it will take another time to research the POI exactly and to create inclusive good description.
If you go through my posts you will see that I always do what I say :slight_smile:


Unable to access … but found another site - Postal code on this one is 90139


(wrong source)

Hi, thanks for your time invested. Such contributions are very constructive and I find your commitment praiseworthy.
is very easy to reach and is the official side of the airport operator., have just tried it.

The website you have entered ( is unofficial, this is written in the headline. The editor is (attention not secure). The data there is just as wrong.
Please always pay attention to what sources you indicate.

Here again once confirmed data searched this time in Italian:

90139 is Palermo City and not Cinisi!
There are numerous companies, state organizations and shops in the district of palermo that have this postal code as their address.


In my Safari it’s working


Nice. You have my support. I’ve noticed some mistakes in higher value POIs but do not have the resources to take on their stake. Have you considered challenging higher stakes POIs?


HI, thank you for your contribution and the support.

Thanks for the offer. It’s just that I would not have fun with it then. Exploring new regions and the Street View expeditions enrich me. No matter if the POIs have errors or not. Every time I checked one, it was fun.
You can always decide for yourself how many tokens you use so you are not forced to go in full. Use as many tokens as you can.
If it’s a good challange, I vote for you;)
Thanks again and have fun.