Tokenized "ring of trust" maybe useful for protocol?


If FOAM could make use of this contract model, there would have to be some type of “migration” function implemented. A transition.
Unless there is some value that foam has in the centralized world.

The contract I created forcibly distributes the “resolve token” supply.
This distribution can be used to create a ring of trust, such as what’s needed for proof of stake sidechains.
I believe this ring of trust can be applied to devices associated with FOAM’s protocol. Bringing finality closer to the beacon event layer.

That is all. Just let me know if a “ring of trust” can be wrapped around any layer of your protocol.
I spoke to another member here a while ago about a research grant related to this idea.

I’m currently testing the contract. All source is available.

Core Contract:

Ropsten Testnet
Pyramid Contract:
Token Contract:
Color Contract:

Pyramid Contract Source:
Color Token Source: