Transferring FOAM While Still in Proof of Use


Hey all,

Awesome job with FOAM! I love it and the signal functionality shipping. I had a question about Proof of Use, and would love to understand more:

  • Say Alice and Bob both purchased FOAM; Alice had not fulfilled Proof of Use, but Bob had. If Bob sends Alice tokens, is Alice able to spend the tokens that Bob sent, or would those tokens be locked until Proof of Use was satisfied for Alice?

– If the tokens are locked, would Alice have to fulfill Proof of Use for just her tokens, or her tokens along with Bob’s tokens?



Hey @komrade_keeks!

  • Alice would need to complete PoU relative to the amount she purchased (The total number of FOAM purchased and the bonus) before she can use ANY tokens outside the system

  • so alice purchased 1000 tokens, she needs to use 250 tokens + 10 PoIs

  • if bob sends her 1000 more, her PoU obligation is still 250 + 10 PoIs (as opposed to 500 tokens + 10 PoIs had she purchased 2000 in the sale)

Note that she wont be able to send her tokens back to bob if she hasn’t fulfilled PoU until she fulfills PoU

Let me know if you have any other questions or need any help!

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