Transition to New Social Network Platform : Relevant


Hey FOAM Community,

The team is exciting to start discussing and engaging with you on the very cool Relevant. This social network platform/social news reader both values and incentivizes relevant content. Content is ranked and distributed based on a quality metric for information i.e. relevance score. The Foamspace teams aligns with the Relevant platform mission: to enable a decentralized, democratic and transparent that empowers engaged experts to participate in the creation of a global knowledge product.

And so we encourage all you engaged experts to try out the Relevant-FOAM community.

You will find that you need to have created 3 POI’s and have a minimum of 100 FOAM tokens to begin posting. We look forward to seeing discussions thrive within an environment of engaged stakeholders. Learn more about Relevant here.

Start asking and discussing on Relevant and we look forward to conversing with you!