UNI token for FOAM LP Participants


If you took my advice and took advantage of liquidity in the FOAM UNISWAP liquidity pool, then you have been rewarded.

Verify your governance token here: https://uniswap.org/blog/uni/

It is more than generous. It solidifies the the ETH blockchain and why ‘money’ legos are how we build new economies with building blocks such as FOAM.


I provided FOAM liquidity when Uniswap was a nascent Dapp. I was pleasantly surprised by my UNI allocation yesterday. The bigger UNI farms are the 5MM UNIs per pair (no pun intended) allocated for these 4 pairs ETH/USDT/USDT/DAI/WBTC. Taking advantage here as well.


Great and thanks for posting about this!

To share with everyone, if you are not aware, you are eligible for UNI tokens if you ever used Uniswap at all for a trade, not only if you provided liquidity. This includes if you ever used the Uniswap widget in the FOAM Map under “Get FOAM”.



Yes. Any address that interacted with the Uniswap contracts, received 400 UNI tokens which trade for around $4 as of today. The LP providers were compensated based on the time and liquidity that they contributed so it’s not as easy to say. The UNI tokens are claimable from the wallet address that made the transaction and there is no deadline to claim them so If you are not interested in selling immediately, you don’t have to pay the gas fees right now…