Updating Status To Verified


I have noticed points that are not updated to verified even though the pending period has ended long time ago, example being this one (Singapore Botanical Gardens): https://map.foam.space/#/at/?lng=103.8088069&lat=1.3087824&zoom=12.81

Another thing about updating of status relates to voting. Someone issues a challenge, others vote on it, and long after the challenge period is over, if no one update the status, the voters won’t be able to know if they have won or lost. This disincentivize voting.


The need to update the status is due to the smart contract architecture of Ethereum, the contract needs to be called in order for its state to be changed.

Here is the current state of the map, where you can see which points are still in the pending stage.

From our previous community call we demo’d a new email notification system, which will be going live next week.

This will allow you the option to receive notifications when it is time to update the status of your point, reveal your vote and update the status of a challenge.

In the near future, we also plan to deploy a bot that can make these calls on behalf of the user.

Longer term, leveraging the upgrade path we deployed to our smart contracts, optimizations can be built in that account for updating the status.


For challenges, I think the onus is on the challengers to update the status, and not wait for others to do so …


The email notification will go to the challenger, but anyone can do so as well.


Yes, at the moment anyone can do so. But what I’m saying is that the responsibility lies with the challenger … Like you said, maybe a bot could be added to automate this process and the gas fee will be borne by the challenger.