User Experience


Starting this discussion card for future work.

I know the focus is not currently on user experience.

While there is thoughtful discussion from the team in this area it is something that, for good reason (reasons like getting the tech working first) is earmarked for later in the roadmap.

Having said that, I would like to open this discussion to hold some of the communities thoughts on the subject.


How hard would it be to build a choice of day/night versions of the map?

(Perhaps this is already in the roadmap?)

Or colors?

Color options could tie in with marketing campaigns. New colors could be released on significant event days or charity days; ie. on Pink Ribbon Day a new white map choice is released with hot pink challenged POIs, bright pastels for other items, Blue Ribbon Day a new map with all different shades of blue used for POIs and signals is used, on Mardi Gras a option with a rainbow of color is introduced.

Visualisation is not trivial. In the case of the FOAM map, the eyes are the only portal to the brain.

Options encourage inclusivity.

User experience is about having choices.

What experience choices are important to you?


I think this is a great topic, and never too soon to start considering it :). UX improvements to the map .(like being able to see all my POIs in the same place) dramatically improved how I used it & how I felt doing it.

One of the recent UX improvements I like the most actually has nothing to do with the map-- it’s the daily email updates on current votes, challenges, and new points. What I like about this is it’s geared towards an action a user needs (for example, I want to check and make sure none of my points are challenged!), and delivers the resources in an efficient way (my email).

I wonder if a simple extrapolation of this model could work too-- for example, adding a “focus zone” to the email, where it asks for POIs to be added in specific locations. I think one of the challenges here to me is that it’s not immediately obvious why I should add additional POIs, who will use them, et cetera.

This was a bit long, but I guess I just wanted to emphasize that UX is more than features for the map interface, and is a bigger effort around motivation, how to focus efforts / know how to contribute, and so forth…


Thanks for creating the thread. I have a few small points to add about the map functionality.

  1. On Mac/Chrome, the zooming and loading takes a long time such that I really avoid browsing the map – to zoom out, filter, zoom into a point & zoom back out is significant effort. I’m always amazed by how fast/smooth the map looks in the community calls.
  2. In the ‘My Assets’ > ‘Voting’ > ‘Active Votes’ the cards should be clickable and the message should be a good call to action during vote reveals where I have not revealed. Currently the cards not not clickable and have a message that indicates there is no action to take.
  3. “Claim All” for rewards
  4. Sort Active Challenges by the challenge deposit instead of point deposit.
  5. Include a small detail on points with the cartographer address and when they added the point. Currently we can see verified, but it is not as relevant. Example
  6. If any metadata is empty, do not show the category (and blank value) on the point detail widget. Example
  7. Increase hit area for points - it is hard to click on a point without accidently adding a new point.
  8. Consider shortcuts in ‘My Assets’ > ‘Summary’. For example, if I see that one of my points is challenged point, how do I find it?
  9. Number formatting like dropping decimals for big numbers, commas (or local equivalent), etc.
  10. Make points easier to see and tap when zoomed out.


Great feedback here. Forwarded to dev team.


I must say as someone that just started using the FOAM Map, it’s been a really great experience so far!

Daily Digest Email + Email Notifications + Reveal Salt saved in local storage made it super easy to find challenges and vote on them. Great Job Team!

Just a tad annoying with needing to pay gas every single transaction.
For Voting on CN Tower and Horseshoe Tavern Challenge

I had to

  1. Approve FOAM Tokens for Voting
  2. Vote
  3. Reveal Vote
  4. Update Status (Optional)

Thats a minimum of 3 times you would have to pay gas as a new user. Any ways to reduce this?

I think that would be a great improvement on the User experience (Not to mention I had to get ETH as well) Can gas be paid in FOAM Tokens? :open_mouth:

I asked in the FOAM Community Call the other week on any state channels being built/used on the FOAM Map, I think FOAM could take a tip from work with state channels.

Users on that platform never need to pay for Gas only when depositing ETH to their wallets.

I’m not sure if it would be able to work on the FOAM Map however just suggesting it in this thread!

Edit :
Just realised I had to claim my rewards manually under the Registry section of the dashboard and each of these need a transaction as well. Is it possible to have an “Claim all button” ? Why doesn’t voter rewards get paid out together with the challenger rewards?


through a reputation system could it be possible to reduce the challenge period of 3 days to maybe under 1 day? i dont know if the 3 day period serves any other purpose besides just being a standard setting. but it would be nice, especially if you are an highly reputable cartographer, that you could be able to verify your new POIs in the same day, that way not having to remember a few days later to go look them all up again.


Small update semi related to FOAM Tokens User Experience.
I’ve submitted the FOAM Token to the default token list for both MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto. The pull requests were merged so they should appear in future versions :tada: