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Small update semi related to FOAM Tokens User Experience.
I’ve submitted the FOAM Token to the default token list for both MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto. The pull requests were merged so they should appear in future versions :tada:


I’m not alone.

My point is; choice is important.

The FOAM map isn’t infosec but I wonder if the dark tones are meant to offer feelings of security and importance to the user. If that’s the case, those tones don’t necessarily signal the same thing to all users. It may alienate and intimidate some rather than suggest they are protected.

“Choice” supports user adoption and stickiness.



@Kilo definitely agree that choice is important, which is why myself and the Foamspace team are so passionate about decentralized and open source systems. Since FOAM is a decentralized and open source protocol, all of the data lives on the permisionless Ethereum blockchain, anyone is free to read this data from the blockchain and do what they want with it/ represent it as they wish- as well as interact with the software as a token holder. Additionally, Foamspace provides an API to access our own indexing of the blockchain to directly access Map data. (

Foamspace is an interface facilitator for the protocol and smart contracts and hosts a web interface and backend to make interacting with the smart contracts more user friendly than a code and command developer interface. We have branded our interface with the color scheme you see.

Anyone is free to make their own interface with their own custom color scheme based off of the available map data on the blockchain. An analogy to Ethereum or similar systmes would be that anyone can build and maintain their own client in their own language (java, haskell etc) that ultimately interact with the same open source protocol. In our case, different visual interfaces maintained by different entities can be seen as different clients. For example, an alternative client with a different interface could even charge a fee for use to capture value on enhancements offered.

We have already seen developers using the FOAM tools to make blockchain based maps with different color schemas for the base map.

Using either the raw blockchain data, or the FOAM API anyone can host a map displaying FOAM PoI data in any visual style they please. FOAM is an open source and decentralized protocol open for anyone to build on top of, hook into, improve or fork - not only the Foamspace team.

Many interface options are available. We use the Mapbox API, which offers a multitude of visual styles to work on:

I hope you can join our upcoming improvement workshop to discuss additional FOAM Map clients and aesthetic alternatives to the Foamspace’s version of the interface. (although for the next one, it can be more AUS timezone friendly! :smiley: )


Oh excellent!

I see what you mean about anyone being able to building any kind of map using the data from as the base layer. Thank you for explaining this clearly and with the example.

I was operating under the impression that was THE map. I see what you’re doing now and it makes perfect sense as well! Brilliant.

FOAM keeps surprising me in delightful ways.

I would like to participate in the improvement workshop. Thanks for considering the timezone factor. :earth_asia::wink:


glad that was helpful and exactly. Anyone could take the same FOAM TCR data from Ethereum and represent it at for with different buttons, styles and mechanics, but ultimately working with the same data - and even charge a fee for users to access as an alternative interface for the open foam smart contracts.

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:upside_down_face: The FOAM improvement workshop at noon on the 25th sounds like it’s going to be great but I just looked up the time difference and it will be 2:00am here in Australia. Phooey. Oh well. Next time I guess.


Please let us know what is the best time frame for you. We can also set up a poll to weigh best community options going forward.


A poll sounds like a great option. Thank you.

The easiest way to work out the time difference (besides a simple google search) is:

Australia is 10 hours behind New York.

There is a dateline issue too but it doesn’t factor into these meetings for me. It may impact other people.

So if there was a meeting at 5pm New York time, for example, that’s 7am Australia.

If there was a meeting in New York at 8am that would be 10pm in Australia.

Both those times (while not great) are definitely do-able.

:blue_heart:7:00pm New York time is ideal because that’s
:yellow_heart:9:00am in Oz.

A poll would help the entire community I’m sure. Thanks for thinking of that.


Definitely going to set up a poll in the Workshop thread, 7.00pm New York looks great but that’s 1.00 A.M for @arthur :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes of course, Europe is then asleep. That’s no good.

I think I’m going to convert to being a “Flat Earther”. More manageable time zones.


I think its about time that I pull a nightshift so the AUS community can join. Thanks for bringing up @Kilo


…and no headaches with those annoying map projections :+1: :smiley:


Time Zone Buddy is a useful free app for working out the best sync between multi global cities.

4pm in New York is
1pm California
10pm Amsterdam
6am Sydney

As a starting point. Thoughts invited.

4/25 Community Workshop FOAM Improvement Proposals

Small Metamask Update :wink: :raised_hands::sparkles:


Thanks for making this happen, @Daryl_Foam!


Next community workshop time will be based on poll in this thread:


Here are the notes from the improvement workshop, specific to UI:


Thanks for this, @arthur!


Good work everyone. Keep the suggestions coming!


Is anyone else running into the issue where they link to a challenge from an external source (Discourse, Caleb’s Daily Digest, FOAM Tools, etc.) and the challenge card opens but the POI doesn’t display in the map?

This happens to me all the time, and it can be pretty frustrating. I have to zoom in and scroll around the map randomly until I get close enough to the POI that it loads.

Happened for about half of the recent challenges when I tried to look at them, and it seems like it’s only going to get worse as more POIs are added to the map and there’s more to load in the browser. Here’s an example-