UX improvements - wireframes for vote reveal stage


I would like to share and get your feedback on the current design work.

Please see below the new wireframes for one step of the voting process. The idea is that during the reveal phase we can already show the information about how the token balances are distributed. It will also include the challenge reason and amount. What else would you like to see?

Challenges Ending On 2nd May

Nice … :ok_hand::+1::muscle:


@Katya_Zavyalova Thank you for posting this!

I don’t understand this:
Is the number the number of individual addresses that voted? I think this should be clarified.

I’d also like to suggest using the phrase “The voting period has finished” instead of “Voting period has been finished.”

It would also be nice to see some color incorporated. Maybe draw from the newsletter and use green for valid, red for invalid, etc.