Verizon 5G rolling out + Cosmos' stargate launch


Hello Admins/Community,

Hope everyone is staying healthy and fine.

I am sure team must be receiving tons of messages from multiple sources to be more vocal, open and transparent to the community regarding the latest developments and near future roadmap.

With recent cosmos’ stargate launch and verizon rolling out 5G across the nation this month, things seems to be falling in place for FOAM to move towards establishing the TRUST ZONEs.

However, given pandemic and new variants surging in… multiple industries are facing the challenges with shortage of raw materials, logistics and making proper arrangements. Whatever company foam had chosen as a provider of choice for manufacturing out-of-shelf zone anchor devices, if the devices are available in bulk then FOAM may make some announcements soon.

However, there’s push back from aviation sector with 5G rolling out, fearing the 5G’s ultra wide frequency band may interfere with altimeter in the flight’s cockpit and multiple airlines already cancelled their flights to US. Moreover, FAA has issued a statement that they are diligently working to identify what altimeter’s are susceptible to 5G’s interference and which are not… more clear picture to come on this in the coming days.

I am sure you all are excited to hear about these developments and will be curious to hear what/when team make some announcement about setting the trust zones. :smile:


Good luck for ETHDenver, @Ryan_foam and team!