What are your FOAM Use Case ideas?


Interested in hearing what people have been brainstorming for potential FOAM Use Cases. Here’s a list of things that I’ve thought ‘Presence Claims’ could be used for:

  1. Checking in for flights, trains, other transportation arrangements to ensure presence at terminal.
  2. Social media location verification, to prevent people from lying about their location.
  3. House arrest enforcement.
  4. Dating app location verification to prevent catfishing :laughing:
  5. In coworking/AirBnB/hotel stays to prove you are at a location and should be metered, or that you are gone.
  6. in IP geofencing, to prove your jurisdictional presence :frowning_face:
  7. In ridesharing for driver and/or rider to prove pickup and dropoff locations. Also, during ride dispute resolution.
  8. In augmented reality to access augmented experiences in certain areas.
  9. Provable delivery of shipped goods for consumers or businesses at all levels of Supply Chain.
  10. Verifiable routing in trucking/transportation.

What have you thought of?


Discussed this with @arthur for a bit at Web3 yesterday, but I think it will be really interesting when/if we can enable natural resources to make presence claims (see the Nature 2.0 movement for more on why we would want to do this).


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all those sound like interesting use cases although there’s a lot of overlapping, and not value add specifically to what it’ll take to evolve past gps.

i think perhaps reframing it a bit to focus on what use cases that would benefit the bilateral decentralised network relationship.


I agree with both of your points there. I was just trying to get some brainstorming going, so I wrote down the fastest things to come to my head.

I see the main driver of adoption for FOAM, at least in the beginning, as being the location providing middleware for dApps in the Ethereum ecosystem. To some degree, your dApp is only as decentralized as its most centralized component, and GPS is highly centralized with many known issues discussed in the whitepaper. On top of that, the CSC standard and live FOAM smart contracts open up all sorts of possibilities for other smart contracts to interoperate with location information.

Are there any early blockchain applications that could use location data in some way? In DeFi? How about decentralized identity to prove residence? Or somehow in the sale of NFTs representing physical objects?

What ideas do you have? Shoot.


I intend to build some kind of a Dapp for charity. Fundraising through verified physical location. I remember another interesting use case discussed in telegram. It was named “Placebook”, I think it was an idea by user - Kilo Bravo


Interesting, how would that work out and why would it need a dapp?


My use case is to map out the location of all medical providers in Haiti as part of a larger electronic medical records and clinical management project. There are about 60 hospitals, 800 medical clinics and an unknown number of pharmacies and other medical suppliers. There are about 400,000 permanently disabled people in Haiti. The unmet needs are catastrophic. We have field data collectors going out soon to begin mapping each location and gather owner contact information for each point. We are also building a patient registry starting with the most severely disabled such as wheelchair bound and others with mobility problems. No decisions have been made on which blockchain platform to use for this.

Phase two will be to place beacons on the hospitals and clinics so that we can track mobile resources such as wheelchair vans, patient shuttles, mobile clinic vehicles, etc. to create an Uber-style service for the disabled. We hope this technology will help build and support entrepreneurs who provide ride sharing while avoiding centralization. These solutions address problems that have been prioritized by the Haitian ministry of health and in a comprehensive study done by the World Bank.


NFT! I discussed in some other thread how NFTs can benefit in FOAM, it’s right here Non-fungible tokens in FOAM


Would definitely love to see a game on FOAM , something like Pokemon GO? Wold get more people aware of FOAM


I like the simple example of a smart train ticket with built in insurance. If you are on the platform and the train is late, you can obtain funds from the insurance payout right away with no intermediary.

I also like the password reset use case. If you forgot your password and need to reset it you can go to secret locations you set as your reset point and obtain a Presence Claim and submit it to your reset contract.

Location applies to such a long tail of use cases sometimes helpful to architect very simple smart contract applications that would only be possible with dynamic Proof of Location.

I Spent time last week at the DeFi Summit in Prague and brainstormed many use cases. Not so much with dynamic Proof of Location but CSC, Spatial Index and POI data. For example collateralized debt in real estate and tokenized ownership of spaces. However, have some ideas how to introduce dPoL into DeFi as well



I would use it right now!


Great use of the link function! I’m floored at how wonderful discourse is.


Kickback is a functioning dapp for improving event attendance through smart contract deposits and payouts. It was trialed at Devcon IV (recap 1, recap 2). The dapp requires an admin on-site to verify attendance, which is ultimately resource intensive for event organisers and/or the Kickback team (see "Week #4 of this blog post). FOAM and Kickback seem like a natural fit!


Hi Dennis - could you email me offlist - I would like to explore what you are doing for another region - Tx


At this early point in the development of smart contracts I find it useful to think in terms of what kinds of new ‘primitive’ like behaviors does something enable, especially when the tech allows for an augments version of a behavior that is already extremely useful.

PoL extends the primitive and extremely useful behavior of signing messages with a private key. Any attestation that requires access to a private key can now also require physical presence. Not only do I have access to a secret piece of information, but I can access that secret information as a specific time and at a specific place in space.

Example - Primary Source sensors:

Media/Politics - Imagine a video recording of a speech given by a politician. A piece of camera hardware could be made that produces video published to IPFS that has a FOAM PoL, a signature from a respected media organization, and a timestamped proof(SGX or similar) that the hardware was running clean code to produce the video. The degree of anyone could place in this video being unedited, unadulterated, and true to that happening at that place at that time is extremely high.

Science/Weather - Weather stations running verifiable software/hardware could produce measurements and data that was trustworthy without having to have a trusted administrator of the hardware. Right now there isn’t much incentive to fake weather station data, but in a world where parametric insurance controls increasingly more capital flows it will be important to have lots of trustworthy data sources. Right now it is easy to imagine trusted administrators of this sort of data collection that extracted a solid rent on the back of their trustworthiness or economic guarantees of accuracy. It is slightly more difficult but far more delightful to imagine a future where large amounts of weather data is available at cost of acquisition(nearly free)


Just crashed on this website… and was mumbling about demographic datas and how blockchain can help improve the polling of results. Also just storing some data in the map… and working with those datas on top of it…


Awesome to discuss Foam use cases. I think there is a lot we can learn for Pokemon and other existing apps.
two cool things that come to mind is to use FOAM with the decentralized insurance apps etherisc is buidling. for instance with the flight delay app. Foam allows you to provide your location in a decentralized way which can be used to calculate if youre flight got delayed.

Another awesome usecase I came across is what GOAT.com did during black friday, see the article below. FOAM can be used to run an app like the GOAT app and allow for decentralized monetization of location data.


Cool link! Thats a pretty cool concept they did, thanks for sharing!