What is FOAM circulating supply ?


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I’ve got a question regarding circulating supply because I couldn’t find it on Coinmarketcap with this link : https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/foam/

What is it ? Is is around 320M FOAM tokens which is the total supplu minus FOAM multisig wallet or is it the number that have been “proved” through proof of use? If it’s the latter it’s confusing because you only shared the numbers of approved tokens from a community call that happened a while ago.

My community and my network is a bit confused. Would it be possible to clarify the circulating supply and update it on coinmarketcap ? @Ryan_foam

I think this is useful and important to know for the general public and needs to be communicated and updated on coinmarketcap for transparency.

Thanks guys, amazing project!


That is correct. 300m tokens were sold in a public sale as well as tokens distributed to accredited investors is the circulating supply.

Total Number of FOAM to be Created and Sold

Company is creating 1,000,000,000 FOAM shortly before the Token Sale. The allocation of these FOAM is expected to be as follows:

30% will be made available for sale in the Token Sale (“Sale FOAM”).
35% will be allocated for eventual release as user mining rewards from the Foamspace

15% will be allocated to Company’s development team and founders.

10% will be delivered to advisors, employees, and accredited investors. 10% will be allocated to the Foamspace Reserve.

All of this information has been provided to CoinmarketCap, their latest response has been:


We are currently handling a large volume of requests. Our developers process requests according to the order in which they were received. I have checked and seen that your request has been received by our developers. Please give them some time to process it.

Thank you for you understanding.

CoinMarketCap Support


Thanks for your answer Ryan. Appreciate it.