What would you like to see more of on Discourse?


We’re always looking for ways to make the community around FOAM stronger, and as discussed recently, think that Discourse will play an important role in this.

As we’re still in the early stages of this forum, we want to hear from you – what kinds of discussions and content would you like to see more of on here?

Do you have any other positive examples of online communities that you think we can model ours after?


Discussions about Zones and radios and places to put them



Great question Bryan.

I would like to see more info and update about what FOAM is currently building and what is planned and where it is heading.

In other words, I think it’s more interesting for the community to have pragmatic discussion on the current state of the map and what’s gonna happen in the near future than to have discussions based on “wishful thinking” and potential use cases like “yeah everything is possible with FOAM”.

I mean sky is the limit but where we are now and how do we get to where we want to be is more important than whishful thinking right ?

For example, there is no discussion about WHY nobody is currently building on top of FOAM.
That would be an interesting topic.


Thanks for the feedback @crypto & agreed, good initiative @Bryan

Will answer some of the specific questions below.

On the development side, we are at the last stage before signaling is rolled out, waiting for the audits to be finished. You can read more about the auditing here and more about signaling here.

When that is rolled out, we will focus on two things:
· Incentives, bounties and mapathons and improving the FOAM Map
· Proof of location hardware testing

For both of those tracks, community involvement is critical and we will make sure to share progress closely with the community.

Agreed. I think conversations like Short term incentives for the FOAM Map are both very interesting but also helpful to us as a team to guide our priorities on what to work on next.

FOAM is many things, and many of THOSE things don’t have sufficient documentation released yet. There are some resources available on http://developer.foam.space but there’s plenty to do. A revamp of the developer platform and better documentation is planned. Also, chunks of the things we have built (including big parts of the stack used to build the FOAM Map) still have to be released with proper documentation. As that happens, there will be a better way for new and existing web3 projects to in the short term directly integrate and be interoperable with FOAM.


I think many of the token holders wanted to participate in the network as a Cartographer, Zone Anchor or be a stakeholder. Maybe there are no developers that bought in.

That said have seen a number of projects that intend to use FOAM. Any use case that needs a map in UI or interacts with the real world will need this kind of infrastructure. A broader question would be why are there very little spatial dApps as is, let alone on FOAM


Very interesting question, thanks @Bryan !
For me:

  • More discussion in the communities by nation, even tough the crypto shift will change how we interact and percieve borders, I think for now there is a lack of small communities to start:
    • Local mapping & interactions
    • Local contests about mapping & challenging
    • Local project to build on top of FOAM, as already expressed in a precedent post here
  • Having a parallel discussion area for current challenges and discussion about it:
    • There is already something like this in discourse
    • A structured and moderated (maybe with rules) discussion area around challenges
    • should be an experiment, as voting is anonymous (and I love it)
    • discussion can help to build on the ‘‘unsaid’’, like challenges related to updates on the tag system… Many POIs already verified didn’t switch to new tags (e.g. Transportation for airports), for sure because of lazyness or cartographers not following updates (you guys gave the right time and announcement to shut those POIs before… but not every cartographer followed…)

About benchmarking other forums… of course the first to come in mind is Local Guides Forum from Google
This is very curated from the community and can give more examples of what we need on the long term:
Physical Meetups, How-tos (gif, vids), maybe using this platform (discourse) to upload pictures of POIs…
The interaction of the users is pretty interesting there… but is a completely different business model I know…


An All-Of-Fame!
Maybe a curated and moderated announcement channel to pick the best challenges/POIs around…
parameters to select them could be community voting, stake of FOAM, motivation, innovation… smart use…
This could prototype the already discussed idea of having cartographers profiles showed somewhere, in a gamification manner.


These are great suggestions you brought up! @ntotao we’ll definitely take a look into these and see what we can learn from them and implement to here.


Thanks @ntotao @Machinic_Synthesis and @crypto

This is all great feedback.