When roadmap? or token purchase?


i only managed to get halfway through the many many questions during the ico despite not being a speculator. what your working on here is really quite interesting, and i want to use it in what i’m building.

thing is there doesn’t seem to be a way to onboard folks who didn’t get tokens from the ico. i believe enabling this will greatly help with game theoretical/lack of a balance of incentives. given that the “45 days after the first tokens are delivered” is close to elapsing, can we get an updated FAQ (current one talks about the ico which is in the past) and a roadmap (as i have never seemed to find one to this day) which would help us be up to date and engaged! :nerd_face:


We understand there is friction for onboarding new users who didnt buy in during the token sale during the Initial Proof of Use period, The token Foundry quiz was to ensure that FOAM Tokens will only be sold to registered purchasers that intend to use them to curate the network map and contribute to the long-term development of the FOAM protocol.

Feel free to hop on to our Gitter to talk to our developers directly! I’m sure they’ll love to talk to you on what you’re building! Also have you seen our developer tools?

An updated FAQ and Roadmap (We have an old roadmap on our tokenfoundry page here) is in the works!

Is there anything you would like to see in the FAQ that we can address?