Where to buy Foam tokens


Hey, is there any place where one currently can buy this tokens ?

Is it transferible already?


the initial use period ends and token is unlocked on monday


idex.market exchange :smile:


The initial Use period ends on Monday so tokens will be unlocked then for token sale purchasers who have completed Proof of Use.

I can’t comment on exchanges :slight_smile:


Its actually on poloniex. Well done FOAM team.

While I don’t plan on selling, good to see that there seem to be people involved in FOAM that understand that trading value is important to build a positive vibe, generate attention/reach (very important for a protocol like FOAM) and a positive vibe that will fundamentally help the project.


agreed! I am impressed Poloniex listed FOAM day the initial user period ended. Especially now that Poloniex is a part of Circle, one of the most well renowned crypto businesses in the US industry. I imagine that the manner in which FOAM ran their token sale contributed to their listing. Go FOAM!


Thak you all for the support ! Couldn’t have done it without the support of the Community during the initial use period as well. :slight_smile:


Would be nice if a market maker could add some liquidity on uniswap(Ethereum Foundation Grant Project)