Which big companies do you think can build huge win-win partnership with FOAM ?


Hello guys,

After reading the Atlantic article I’ve been thinking about which big companies could build long term win-win business partnership with FOAM. So far only Status and Dether are involved with FOAM but no doubt big names are keeping an eye on what’s happening on FOAM decentralized map.

What are your thoughts on this topic ? What big companies would be a good fit for building long term win win partnerships?

I think Cisco and Uber could be incredible partners to disrupt the geospatial industry as well as the crypto space to unleash the incredible potential on FOAM map and the protocol.

Here technologies at CES

What Big names do you know that are keeping an eye on what’s happening in foam?


Companies that make sense is definitely in mobility, like Uber and Lyft. Cisco makes LoRa devices. Also Comcast is experimenting with LoRa. Intel and HP have big needs for PoL with edge compute devices. Cant say that any of there know about FOAM but all make sense as partners to me


any form of delivery company like Fedex / amazon that tracks packages. pharmaceutical co’s with sensitive delivery times


HERE technologies. Definitely something to look into.