Why there is no roadmap for FOAM?


Hello FOAM community and @Ryan_foam,

I am very confused about where the project is heading. It’s basically impossible to know for FOAM community members or the general public besides knowing that you work on dynamic proof of location for 2019.

I would be interested to know why there is no roadmap because I guess there is one internally otherwise it would be scary and the team would not have delivered that way in 2018. Is it a choice to not release a roadmap to the public or is it just that it’s not a priority or maybe you haven’t made one in a format that can be shared?

I have talked and shared the project with many people in my networks and my teams all across Europe but this is a major concern that always come, the concern about not having any visibility on what to expect in coming weeks, months, years.

This is why I would like to ask another question to the FOAM team: do you understand that this is something important for stakeholders? Not important in the sense it will make or break the project of course but important in the sense that people interested in the protocol need to know where they are going, they need visibility and clarity to execute and allocate ressources.


Why this question has not been answered since 5 days? I’m not asking an answer to the original question now, I’m just asking why it hasn’t been answered? In any project, no matter what it is, I don’t think there is any reason that can explain ignoring your users/customers/leads. I mean what is discourse needed anymore… Next move would be to close discourse, after shutting down a telegram channel of more than 11000 users that used to interact with each other and the team? That were the good old days…



Can’t wait to see the roadmap to have a clear vision in time where the project is going.
I do hope the roadmap will include community building milestones and events.


Our first local mapping event and the second edition of our Curation Markets Meetup. This event is scheduled for February 12th at the New Lab in Brooklyn New York


I understand the team has been making some incredible progress! In the last youtube call there was some timeline established(link to time in video):


“someone asks on New Year’s Eve
2019 what will be our greatest

Ryan said

“I would like to think
that that will be having tested those
zone acres in the field to find a
reference material for the foam
developer board and have multiple test
zones and locations and have our community members
being a part of that”

Can we look forward to these being established as Milestones, hoping that this is something that will be closer to mid-year than end of 2019.