Why wait for Ethereum layer 2 solutions? Avalanche (AVAX) can handle everything today, high throughput and low cost, and has EVM (C-Chain)


Ethereum is slow and expensive, and layer-2 is not here yet. Cosmos is hard to use and has compatibility issues. For these reasons, I believe that the team should switch to Avalanche.

Avalanche is a revolutionary consensus engine and highly customisable interoperable platform to enable mass adoption of blockchain. Capable of throughput in excess of VISA, sub-second finality, whilst able to scale to millions of validators AVAX. Avalanche combines the benefits of Nakamoto consensus (robustness, scale, decentralization) and all the benefits of Classical consensus (speed, quick finality, and energy efficiency) without the disadvantages.

Speed is more than just tps, equally important is latency

Bitcoin has finality of 60 mins
Ethereum 2.0 is 6 mins
Polkadot is 60 seconds (60 mins to external chains)

Avalanche its sub 1 second, immutable and completely irreversible whilst also being able to process 4500 tps

Avalanche’s C-Chain is a smart contract chain that uses the EVM and is 100% compatible with existing Ethereum tooling. Everything you can do on Ethereum you can do on the C-Chain with the added benefit of 1000’s of tps, sub-second finality and low fees. And all that while being more decentralized and attack-resistant than Ethereum, thanks to the innovative Avalanche consensus protocol.

Existing Ethereum DAPPs can easily be ported over and use all the existing tooling such as Metamask / Truffle etc making it easy for existing Ethereum developers to build on Avalanche.

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